Buying Guide For St Hilda's Primary School

 1. Recommendation   

  • 2 sets of uniforms, 2 white polo top, 1 house t-shirt and 3 PE shorts 
  • Please note that the colour tag of the PE shorts must be the same as the house t-shirt. 
  • 1 school jacket as no other jacket/sweater is allowed in school 
  • 2 pairs of shoes & 1 packet of socks (4 pairs) 
  • May vary depending on your time-table 

 2. Mode of Purchase   

  • Online 
  • Directly from our office (Purchase from our office is by appointment only – Mon – Fri  9.30am to 5.00pm.  (Please call 67436645 for appointment). 
  • Bookshop (kindly check with the school for bookshop schedule) 

3. Payment mode  

  •  Online: Credit card, HitPay or PayNow 
  •  Our office : Cash, PayNow or Nets 

4. Delivery  

  •  3 – 10 days for home delivery ($5 charge), may vary during peak periods of Nov, Dec & Jan. 
  •  Self-collection at our office via appointment  
  •  Self-collection in school during year end 

5. Exchange    

  • Must be done within 30 days from date of purchase. 
  • Please refer to Exchange Policy in our website for details. 

 6. STRICTLY no refund unless a letter of transfer/withdrawal from the school is produced. 

 7. Washing & ironing Instructions  

  •  Wash separately. Do not wash light coloured with dark coloured clothing 
  •  Machine wash in water temperature not exceeding 30°C   
  • Do not use bleach or washing detergent containing chlorine   
  • Do not soak uniform in washing detergent for more than 15 minutes   
  • Do not iron clothes that are made of 100% polyester   
  • Do not iron on embroidery or prints on uniform   
  • Beau Voix will not be held liable to any damages caused by mishandling or negligence by customer